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Live Patient Soft Tissue Surgery

4-Day Live Patient Course
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Instructed by 4 Periodontists

September 11-14, 2024

This one on one course offers close mentoring and coaching throughout the four day live patient surgery program. This program is for the clinicians who are looking to learn and advance in soft tissue surgical skills. NOT recommended for beginners.

31 CEU

Course Description

This one on one course is designed for clinicians who are looking to learn and advance their soft tissue surgery skills.


The topics of this course include:

  • The principles of soft tissue grafting techniques

  • Diagnostic skills to know when to graft

  • Autologous epithelial graft (“free gingival”) graft

  • Sub-epithelial graft connective tissue graft

  • Dermal matrix grafting

  • Tunneling vs. pouch approach vs. vestibular incision for access

  • Incision flap designs

  • Various suturing techniques


Participant will learn multiple ways to regrow interproximal papillae vertically, where appropriate, and remote incision bone and soft tissue grafting for root surface coverage. Additionally, they will walk away with patient management protocol in soft tissue grafting.



Mastering Soft Tissue Course

2-Day Didactic and Hands-on

If you have already completed the course, you can register now.

If you have not, the next course is on:

  • July 27-28, 2024: Washington, DC

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Live Patient Soft Tissue Surgery Training

Tuition: $16,995

The tuition for Live Patient Surgery Course covers education, 3 nights stay at Quartz Hotel, all meals, transfers, and shuttle services across the international border to and from San Diego Airport.

Note: If you require a payment plan, please contact us at

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