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Soft Tissue Masterclass

2-Day Didactic and Hands-on Course

This course is designed for general dentists and specialists who wish to learn and advance their soft tissue management skills around teeth and implants.

14 CEU


Course Topics

  • Why soft tissue?

  • Biology, diagnosis and treatment planning

  • Historical Contexts

  • Techniques for root coverage, guided tissue regeneration around natural dentition and implants

  • Recipient and donor site preparation

  • Harvesting techniques & donor site coverage for minimal post-op discomfort

  • Indications and use of allograft

  • Case reviews



  • Suturing Exercise

  • Soft Tissue Grafting procedures on Pig Jaws and models

For Advanced

This course is for advanced clinicians. If you are new to implant surgeries, we recommend you taking the Simplifying GBR with Sticky Bone course prior to taking this course.


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