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Simplifying GBR with Sticky Bone

1-Day Didactic and Hands-on Course

Clinicians are faced with various challenges in bone grafting procedures including socket grafts, horizontal and vertical ridge augmentations, as well as sinus augmentation procedures. This course will introduce the clinical benefits of using autologous concentrated growth factors (CGF) to enhance healing and maturation of hard and soft tissue. You will learn and evaluate the ease of clinical use and effectiveness of Sticky Bone and CGF.



For All Level

This course is open to all levels. If you are interested in taking the live surgery course with us, we recommend you take this course prior to joining the live surgery course in Mexico.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of guided bone regeneration, flap-management, and suturing

  • Appreciate the advanced techniques in Sticky Bone™ protocol

  • Apply Autologous Concentrated Growth Factors and Stick Bone™ in surgical procedures.


  • Phlebotomy Practice

  • How to prepare Stick Bone™ and CGF/PRF

  • Incision, Flap Release/Advancement, and Suturing Practice on a Pig Jaw


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